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Recycling Solutions That Work For Your Business

Every reconditioner in America wants your used containers when they look brand new. Where IMACC sets itself apart is when your containers look like this.
recyling containers.jpg
We don't just tolerate you sending these to us, we seek them out. IMACC recycles over a million pounds a month of end-of-life containers and does this in an environmentally friendly fashion. IMACC has a spotless compliance record with all local, state and federal regulations. IMACC encourages your environmental audits of our facilities. Prior to your audit we will send you our Facility Audit Information Package so that you are well prepared for your visit. IMACC also offers Certificates of Destruction if that is something you require and maintains pollution liability insurance. IMACC crushes, bales, shreds or grinds your used IBCs and plastic drums prior to sending the material on to approved processors who put it back into manufacturing here in the USA.
You don't want your junk containers going to someone that does not specialize in recycling. Far too often when you do this they just pile up in a yard until eventually they become a problem that many small businesses can't properly manage. You don't want your reconditioner taking only your perfect used containers and leaving the junk in your yard. You don't want this material ending up in a landfill, that is a liability that never ends. You need to know that your empty containers are being properly managed and safely destroyed and recycled. For all these reasons IMACC is the best choice for handling all of your used containers. We provide our customers with recycling solutions tailored around their needs. Contact us today to get started.
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