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IBC and Drum Collection

Environmentally Friendly Collection Of Your Empty Containers

Does your company generate empty totes and or drums? If so, IMACC has a collection program that will work for you. With a “one call does it all philosophy” we encourage customers to consolidate various types of packaging on one trailer to streamline the collection process. IMACC will pick up any manufacturer’s empty totes or drums within 48 hours of your request. We offer drop trailers and routine pickups as well. Click here to schedule a pickup today.


• Collection of IBC’s, Poly Drums, Steel Drums and other packaging regardless of condition.

• Multiple locations serving a wide customer base

• 24 - 48 hour pickups

• Low Minimum Quantities

• Drop Trailer and routine pickups available

• Pickups available from your site or customers’ sites

• Generate value for your company

• Reduce environmental liability by working with one reconditioner


Contact IMACC today to customize a collection program to fit your needs

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